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Are you stuck in a job you hate? There is one thing about that sentence that’s an error in thinking: the word “stuck”. There is no such thing as stuck, in any situation, including your career. The first step you have to take to become “unstuck” is to identify what you want to change.

Making Changes and Taking Inventory of Your Current Resume

But then you might ask yourself, now what? I can’t just drop everything and quit, can I? Well, you could.  You could also hop on a plane to Tahiti and work remotely (wouldn’t that be nice?) but that might not be the most logical approach.  So let’s slow things down a bit.

What are the steps you need to take to make that leap into your new career? Do you have a resume? When was it last updated? You might sit there for a moment, and wonder, how am I ever going to have the time to do this? How do I do it? Where do I start?


Before you find yourself teetering on the edge of a panic attack, stop and take a breath.  Everyone has experienced those overwhelming, frantic moments of wondering where to start and how.  The best way to approach re-creating your career is one step and a time.  Take a few minutes and print out your resume.  Read it once, but then put it away until tomorrow so that you can read it with fresh eyes.

Pick it up again the next day, but ask yourself, Does this piece of paper capture my career goals? Who is my audience? Am I highlighting my achievements? Do I use action verbs and active language to engage my reader? Answering these questions will help you start the revision process.

Taking Inventory of Your Skills

Writing your resume can seem like a daunting task.  Stop for a moment and think about all you have accomplished throughout your career.  This can be the perfect time to revisit your accomplishments! I know when I reviewed my own resume, I could not believe how many skills actually went into starting and running a small business…. So take this time to be proud of yourself!

It may be helpful to take out a piece of paper and make a list of your job duties in your current position.  Think about the tasks that you do on a daily basis.  Do you manage staff members? How many people do you supervise? While these small details may sound trivial, hiring managers like to see specific details about your performance achievements.

Highlight Your Achievements

It may be easy to overlook these details because you do them every day, but it’s important for your future employer to know what you can contribute to their company.  Are you in a field that involves tracking profits or sales? It can be incredibly valuable to be able to quote a percentage or amount of profit in the past quarter.  This shows that you not only pay attention to details but that you are able to highlight a specific achievement at your current employer.  I always encourage clients to focus on performance achievements because they show how your stand up against other job candidates.  Many people also leave out these important details so just mentioning them will give you a leg up on your competition.

So the next time you sit down for a cup of coffee during a break, take a moment to jot down some ideas about all of the things you contribute to your workplace.  You will be surprised how taking stock of what you do every day can make you feel a little better about your current situation.  You have a lot to contribute, both in your current position and in your future endeavors! So don’t give up! ~J.O.

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