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NOW In Madison, NJ: Open Mon. through Friday. 9 am – 6 pm for consultations (Existing clients by appointment). Are you looking for a local, privately-owned resume writing company that provides individualized assistance? I founded my company in Summit, NJ, and I am now located in Madison. A hiring manager only looks at your resume for seconds before making a decision to call you for an interview. Are you struggling to figure out what they are looking for in your resume or cover letter? Let me do the work for you! I am available during the week to answer your questions about the services I provide. Call today for a free consultation: 973-610-8339.

I offer several different services to assist you in making your career transition, including resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profile creation/updating, professional bios, verbal resume reviews, and job search assistance.  Your resume is a chance for you to highlight your unique performance achievements to make you stand out from other candidates.  What sets my services apart from other services?

I own the company and you will be working directly with me. If you choose a large company, your resume might be written by someone without a lot of experience who uses a cookie cutter template. All of my resumes are customized to your individual experiences and skill set.  Do you have a goal in mind? I can help you direct your resume to a specific field or a career transition.

I am known for my flexibility and highly technical writing. Are you too busy to talk but want to work by email? Would you prefer to discuss all revisions over the phone? My goal is to work with you in the communication style you prefer. I will meet you within your comfort zone to create a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile that meets your career needs.

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Showcase Your Skills

Are you a mid-level professional interested in jumping into management? Is that promotion just out of reach? We can show you how to showcase your current skills to make you the perfect fit for a management position.

Find Your Dream Job

Are you a director, VP, manager, or business owner? The majority of my clients are at this level and seeking promotions. I can revamp your existing resume or create a resume that highlights your unique performance achievements. Together we will collaborate to help you navigate a path to the career you deserve.

About Our Resume Writer, Jackie Outwater

I’m an Ivy League graduate and I have a Master’s degree in Counseling. I have several years of experience writing professional resumes for clients in a variety of fields, including but not limited to finance, real estate, the pharmaceutical industry, education, dental, nursing (including perioperative nursing), pharmacy, the fine arts (studio arts/production assistant), manufacturing, supply chain, entrepreneurs, international sales, small business owners, IT, and professional acting/photography. I’ve worked with executives in all areas such as the fashion industry, finance, and facilities management. My goal is to create a targeted resume that captures your unique accomplishments.

Unlike large companies that use a template, I create each resume “from scratch” or using your current resume. I am interested in hearing “your story” and I understand how frustrating it can be when you want a promotion or have found yourself unemployed and aren’t sure of your next step.  I offer assistance with resume writing, cover letters, as well as job search assistance.

I live and work in Madison, NJ (we recently moved from Summit). My background is unique because while I have a background in social service, I have spent the past several years learning from and working with executives and professionals in all career areas. I offer a unique combination of a highly educated professional who has also experienced unemployment and career transition, and as a result, I understand what you are going through. You will be working directly with me throughout the process. I do my best to accommodate your schedule and my appointment times are flexible. I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals! Call today for a free consultation: 973-610-8339.


“Hi Jackie,

I enjoyed immensely our little chat today and thank you for indulging me. I wish you continued success in your career as you seem very passionate about and genuinely interested in helping others.

As for the cover letter – well, what can I say ? I LOVE it. It is written with heart felt conviction and can easily be used as a cover letter for just about every employment opportunity…I cannot thank you enough and can only hope to continue our correspondence.

I am confident that my chances for gainful employment have increased tremendously due to your thoughtful insights and abilities. I look forward to responding with hopeful news.

Best regards,

“E” – licensed pharmacist”

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