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Do you want to pick my brain on my knowledge of job searching, interview skills, or get a verbal review of your resume? Instruction on how to write a cover letter or resume today because you can’t wait the few weeks it takes me to write a resume? Need help understanding the skills you bring to the table? Are you a mom who wants to return to the workforce? Are you looking for feedback on tips to return to work after being a stay at home parent, how to get a promotion, or job tips for those over 65 looking to stay in the workforce? I can also offer LinkedIn tutorials.

  • $200/45 min session.
  • Choose from any of the above topics.

Do you want to learn more? Call me today at 973-610-8339 to schedule.

What is Career Coaching all about?

Career Coaching helps job-seekers plan and execute a job search strategy and learn how to artfully craft an effective self-marketing plan. Part of this process is resume and cover letter writing. During the coaching process, we will determine what you are seeking in a career, as well as identify the unique skills you bring to the table.  But it’s not that simple!

The next step is to market yourself. I will help you determine how to paint a picture of your true self by verbally discussing  ways to weaving your job skills and experiences into an resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn Profile. We will also address your job search strategy. Where are you looking for positions? What is your networking strategy? Are you creating a match between your skill set and the employer’s job qualifications? That is the art of self-marketing.

Anyone can benefit from career coaching. Some examples of clients that have benefited from coaching services include recent graduates who are not sure of the next step, executives interested in crafting a self-marketing strategy to change to another C-level position, women between the ages of 50 and 60 who are interested in making a career transition, stay at home parents returning to work, or anyone who is feeling “stuck” in their current career and seeking change.

A DISCLAIMER: Career coaching is NOT counseling. I do NOT provide counseling services or therapy. Issues that you may be struggling with that may require counseling/therapy include but are not limited to depression, anxiety, addiction, or grief. While I do not offer counseling or therapy for these issues, I would be happy to make a referral to another service provider.